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  • 11/21/01

    My internet connection (sort of) works now. I won't have a real ISP until sometime around the beginning of the year, which sucks. I updated the lame email page for the first time since... err... I don't know when. I've still had zero time to do any major romhacking. I think I replaced like two lines of text in a rom this month. Is a final release of Legend of the Saiyans going to be out before 2002? Who knows.

  • 10/24/01

    I deleted some things on my links page to reflect the fact that dot-com's are dropping like flys. Don't be surprised if I disappear for a while. I'm moving at the end of the month and may or may not have an internet connection for the next few weeks.

  • 10/22/01

    Status update: We're still alive. DBZ: Legend of the Super Saiyans has been chugging along slowly. Basically, I've been too busy with Real LifeTM and haven't had a day in the past month where I could sit down for a few hours and take care of everything I want to do to it. As soon as I get some free time, I'll be able to finish this game up. Dark Half has ran into several problems, including my lack of time. Mainly, thanks to Enix's desire to use an obscene amount of kanji, I've been unable to make a correct dump of the script. Also, I'm not sure if I still have a translator for this game. Anyone who thinks they can help me dump the script correctly, or anyone who can help by translating part of it once it is dumped, please email me.

  • About Us

    Klepto Elf Software began in 1995 when Matt, a very bored high school student from Roanoke, VA, first learned how to program video games in HyperCard. The name of the company was created by its second member, Kaz (The elf himself), while developing Aertaroo in 1997. In June 1998, this website first went online. Zack joined in 98 as the musical composer (or lack thereof) for the group. Mid-99, SirYoink created the romhacking section of Klepto Software. In late 99, Kaz was removed from the group due to personal differences and the "Elf" was dropped from the group name. Hurricane joined in early 2000. Klepto Software cannot and will not provide roms. If you came here looking for those, I appologize.

    Klepto Software: Since 6/8/98

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